about the collection

E T H E R E A L  is a dedication to mother nature;
her beauty that surrounds us each and every day;
a multitude of gentle rhythms, patterns and breathtaking colours;
a silent constant as we go about our busy lives,
yet in continuous motion in pursuit of equilibrium.

With time, what seemingly appears as solid shapes and textures may perhaps be nothing but transience; moments in time, ever fleeting, ever evolving. 

Discover our abstract collection inspired by the fluidity and transient colours of nature. Every artwork is individually hand-painted by female artists specially for our E T H E R E A L Collection.

our first capsule

ethereal | blush of dawn

The first capsule series of our Ethereal Collection — BLUSH OF DAWN — is reminiscent of the gorgeous ivory skies, soft pink hues and gentle blue tones tinting the Eastern Australian skies at sunrise, amidst the soft greenery emerging through the first light.

This beautiful watercolour artwork is beautifully hand-painted by a South African female artist.


classics with a dreamy twist

Our first capsule features a tightly-edited range of One Wear® pieces and complementary Statement Matches, with our signature crop tops and wide-leg bottoms taking a new form with this soft and dreamy look. This collection also introduces a new garment style…dresses!

Collection pieces are carefully crafted using a buttery smooth stretch fabric, allowing for wearer comfort yet offering a subtle sculpting effect for a figure-flattering look, complemented beautifully with soft, lightweight and luxurious chiffon for a delicate and elegant touch. 


comfort & ease with One wear®

Our One Wear® pieces feature soft stretch inner lining and discreet padded uni-bras for natural coverage allowing for effortless style and comfort, so no need for an additional bra if you so wish! (Yes we know that feeling, girlfriend!)

In our endeavour to always improve our offerings, we have also introduced an all-new innovative built-in bra design and construct in our Sculpted Midi Dress to give you that gorgeous natural coverage and contour. Love.

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