Image text for Hello Gorgeous, featuring an image of Tori wearing UCHIWA 団扇 Classic Crop top beside a rack of bralette pieces.

hello gorgeous,

Thank you for stopping by and taking interest in FLAIR® By Tori.

As a startup, we are new, hungry to learn, and always working towards becoming bolder, better versions of ourselves each day. This business is about celebrating all of us – our connected lives as modern women of today’s generation, our sense of freedom and individuality, and us journeying with one another and exploring boundaries through fashion and wearable art.

Yes, we’re starting small, but we have big dreams. My ultimate dream is for this business to serve a much greater purpose that sows seeds of love and embraces the communities around us.

If you love what we do, believe in our greater purpose, and feel that you can help us get there together, I’d be more than happy to get to know you. Please drop me a note (preferably with a CV) at [email protected], and let’s connect.


tori xx