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Babydoll Tops

Lookin’ Babealicious With Our Babydoll Tops

The babydoll top is always a staple in the fashion spotlight for spring and summer. Babydoll tops feature form-fitting shoulders and bust, a high seam and a loose-fitting, flowing silhouette falling at the hips. These tops are comfortable to wear and versatile enough for work, school and lounging.

Don’t expect anything basic from our FLAIR® By Tori babydoll tops – they are designed as statement tops that exudes character, femininity and originality. Our babydoll tops cut high under the bust to accentuate a higher waistline and provide an illusion of longer legs. These flattering style tops also feature a circle cut pattern with gathered fabric at the underbust, giving a flowy effect that is feminine, flirty and comfortable. Pairing options are many – ranging from denim shorts, fitted jeans and cigarette pants, to heels, ballet flats and sneakers. Our babydoll tops are also the ideal outfit to wear to a lunch date or dinner buffet as its forgiving style hides any post-meal muffin tops with ease. Hunt for your new favourite fashion piece to amp up the versatility of your wardrobe.

No Peek-A-Boos With These Babydolls

Although cute and comfortable, wearing babydoll tops can sometimes be a hassle as they require the right bra underneath that stays supportive and doesn’t peek. Particularly with babydoll tops featuring spaghetti straps and deeper necklines, searching for a strapless bra that neither slips nor peeks is a challenge, and we totally understand!

FLAIR® By Tori babydoll tops come with soft built-in cups that hold everything in place so you can walk the streets confidently without having to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions. If you’ve dreamt of going bra free, make that dream a reality with our versatile and gorgeous One Wear® babydoll tops. 

Tell a Story with Your Outfit

The Komorebi Leather Collection features a combination of authentic traditional Japanese kimono textiles sourced directly from Japan and 100% genuine kangaroo leather from Australia. This collection is about celebrating the harmony of cultures and the interconnected of our modern lives. 

While leather is a beautiful natural material, it is usually associated with outer application types like jackets and footwear, but seldom used in women’s garments due to the conventional stiffness and thickness of leather. However, FLAIR® By Tori uses selected Australian kangaroo leather that is extremely thin, lightweight and breathable, and has incorporate revolutionary dry-fast technology to develop sweat resistant properties that allows our leather to dry quickly on your skin and in water. Kangaroo leather is also a sustainable choice as kangaroos are not farmed but harvested in the wild from an abundant, self-replenishing population where leather is a by-product of the food industry that would otherwise gone as waste.

Take on the day (and night) with confidence wearing our stylish and comfortable babydoll tops. Browse through our collection to find a piece that gives you the freedom, confidence and Flair® you deserve.