Image text for Hello There, featuring an image of Tori wearing UCHIWA 団扇 Classic Crop top beside a rack of bralette pieces, and holding up the MOMO 桃 Classic Obi bralette from FLAIR® By Tori.

hello there, meet tori

A corporate nine-to-fiver turned passionate entrepreneur and self-taught designer who always believed in big dreams and bold visions.

She spent the previous decade working the corporate life, and while it did come with many perks, the inner entrepreneur in her was always dreaming to create something meaningful that would serve a greater purpose for women through joy and creativity. This desire led her to start FLAIR® BY TORI, a womenswear brand on a mission to celebrate self-expression and bring colour to our lives… one style at a time.

She started from ground zero, spending umpteen hours learning how to sew, developing designs, sourcing materials, convincing suppliers to believe in her and “give her a go” …and attempting it all while in a pandemic and lockdown.

Every style she designs is an original, and focuses on showcasing unique prints, textiles and materials to create wearable art. And as part of her distinctive One Wear® design concept, most pieces are also crafted to be enjoyed bra-free.

Image for Spent A Decade, showing various prototype designs and textiles featured in pieces from FLAIR® By Tori..

Tori spends most of her time between her homeland Singapore and Australia (where her husband is from).

During the rare moments when she’s not immersing herself in the business, you can find her in the kitchen trying out a new recipe whilst enjoying a glass (or bottle) of her favourite bubbly, at the gym working said bubbly off, or taking the time to explore some of the world’s beautiful cities and cultures.

FLAIR® BY TORI – Made for self-expression. Made for for us all.