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We live in such an interconnected world. We’re a touch of a button, a flight ticket, a car ride away from immersing ourselves in someone else’s culture; one slightly different from ours perhaps, but somehow still being able to find similarities that unite us.  

Inspired by the richness of travel and exploration, along with her Asian heritage and life in Australia, Tori wanted to create a collection that showcased oriental beauty intertwined with indigenous Western materials, reflecting our connected way of life and the incredible cultural diversity of us as modern women.

Our 木漏れ日 Komorebi Leather Collection pays homage to this confluence of eastern and western cultural rivers in our modern, interwoven world by shining the spotlight on two beautifully juxtaposed materials – traditional Japanese kimono fabrics and genuine washable Australian kangaroo leather – and marry them together to create unique pieces of wearable art.


fabrics that breathe & tell a story

The Japanese are admired for their sophisticated use of patterns and textiles to communicate stories and symbolisms that transcend language barriers. 

Every design is handpicked and sourced directly from various prefectures across Japan, each with its own significance and a unique story to tell.

All our fabrics are made of 100% cotton, making it soft, breathable, naturally hypoallergenic and easy on your skin.

Image for Japanese Artistry, featuring an image of the model wearing UCHIWA 団扇 Classic Crop top from FLAIR® By Tori.

for the love of leather

Tori’s first meaningful introduction to quality leather began in Tuscany, Italy where she visited several artisan leather workshops and fell in love with this natural, durable material. Leather is often used to construct structured garments such as coats and jackets, but rarely made into softer, comfortable styles of apparel, typically due to the natural thickness and rigidity of cow and sheep hides, and the inability to wash them in water.

Having caught the leather bug, she returned to Australia and wanted to find a way to incorporate this magnificent, refined material into her garments. There she discovered kangaroo leather – native to the continent, and the green choice for natural leathers.

Tori spent almost 10 months collaborating with a reputable Australian leather specialist to research and develop the perfect kangaroo hide that is thin, supple, lightweight and most revolutionary of all… washable.


the sustainable natural leather

Indigenous to Australia, kangaroo leather is a 100% recycled by-product that is completely sustainable, renewable and natural. They are the greenest alternative to all other leathers and synthetic materials.

Our collection pieces incorporate specialised kangaroo hides that feature a revolutionary dry-soft moisture management technology, making them supple and breathable on your skin, and completely washable in water.

Its unique fiber structure also makes kangaroo leather naturally thin and extremely light, yet weight for weight the strongest leather out there.

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